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A unique way to display your images


  • Print 2 Metal offer truly stunning photographic printing of photographs, fine art and graphics directly onto metal
  • Our incredible printing technology makes your imagery stand out with its brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour
  • Archival inks are infused with heat into specially coated aluminium ensuring a durable and scratch resistant surface
  • Gives your photographic print a contemporary look and feel
  • We custom make each print to any required size up to 40x60"
  • Easy online photo printing through our online ordering system
  • Looking for a way to preserve the memories of your wedding, birthday, holiday, or your babies first steps? Our fine art photographic prints will capture and embrace that special moment!




Fine feedback from our clientele


I have recently had my first Photographic Art Exhibition with 90% of the works done by Print 2 Metal.

I have my own unique spin on light painting photography. My images generally contain 70% black with a swish of torchlight over a nude form. Simplicity is the key, but due to the light painting areas, the brushed metal finish by Print 2 Metal, is unsurpassed.

It creates a 3D effect in that it looks like the image is moving as you walk past it. Wow factor squared ! Makes everything I do look even more special.

An enormous thank you goes to the staff for their brilliant work and all their extra time they give to ensure the best possible image print.

Sharon Lamb

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