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Tips for Taking Family Photos

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Nothing beats keeping your camera with you at all times to be sure of capturing those special family moments. Of course these days even your humble smart phone you can take amazing images quickly.

The kids may complain at the time, but it is in the years to come that those candid images will really be most valued.

Capturing fun and spontaneous happenings today may at times be a drag, but get that one amazing image and you’ll be so pleased you made the extra effort.

Here’s some tips and ideas to help you get the best out of every photo opportunity and create lasting memories you will love.

#1      Make it fun. Give the kids space to just run around and be themselves and shoot them naturally having fun. Have some props such as toys, books or balloons to help centre their focus. Shoot what happens there and then and don’t force anything.

#2      Get the light right. Morning or afternoon, rather than midday is when the light is more even. Photographing indoors near a window can throw perfect light onto faces. When outdoors be sure it’s overcast and there are no shadows across faces.

#3      Time of day. Pick a time when you know your kids are full of energy. Let the kids take a break whenever it’s not quite flowing so it doesn’t become a chore.

#4      Poses. Have some ideas in mind and try out those that you think will make your kids smile.

#5      Combinations. Start by photographing everyone and then have an idea of other groupings you may want to shoot. If you’re a Mum shooting the family, pull Dad out of the picture first and continue to photograph the kids so as to move them around as little as possible.

#6      Legacy Shot. A snapshot that shows how tall each of the children are at a point in time against each other and Mum & Dad, can be imaginatively captured. Have some fun with it.

#7      Composition. Watch backgrounds, don’t hesitate to crouch down to shoot at the same eye level as the kids, follow or don’t follow the rule of thirds and most of all have fun.

Of course when you have gone to all of this trouble you’ll be wanting to make sure they’re presented beautifully as well. Why not check out our printing and framing options so you can keep your memories looking fabulous forever.

Oh and you don’t have to just print them on plain photographic paper there is now an enormous range of papers, fabrics and stunning metal onto which you can print some of the best memories of your life. Find out more here….


8 of the Best Reasons for Printing onto Metal

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Best Metal Prints

Photography: LandscapePhotographics

The choice of materials on which to print your photographs and artwork today is simply amazing and in the end really comes down to personal preference. If you’re thinking of doing something slightly different that will look even more stunning than traditional printed media then you really can’t go past printing onto metal.

Why I hear you ask?

Here’s 8 very good reasons why….


  • The process of printing onto metal via a heat press, infuses the inks deep into the aluminium sheet, not on top of it. As a result of this your image stands apart with it’s brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour.
  • The metal has a hard scratch resistant surface that is both waterproof and weather proof. When you print your art or photography onto metal it makes it perfect to display in most places where you couldn’t use traditional materials, including commercial spaces, bathrooms and humid locations.
  • Metal art prints are archival and are expected to last more than 100 years under normal lighting conditions. So your memories never fade and your art lives on for generations.     (Test reports by ChromaLuxe  & Wilhelm Imaging Research can be read here.)
  • No more worries about splashes and marks because fine art metal prints can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and water, or even glass cleaner.
  • Wall art metal prints have no need to be protected with glass. The frameless display style also gives your pictures a clean, modern look.
  • Large metal photo prints can still have the timeless white matt and framed look though. Because the framed metal print requires no glass, it then allows the viewer to be more in touch with the image.
  • Metal prints are available in matt and gloss surfaces meaning you can use your print in many more settings.

We kept the best to last though…

  • Aluminium prints are so lightweight they can be easily hung with removable hanging strips where nails and hooks can’t be used.

So what are you waiting for? A perfect solution to displaying your art and photography in a timeless and contemporary fashion. You can check out how to order here.


Dean Hohn’s Artwork Making a Difference

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At Print 2 Metal we have been inspired to get behind a very worthy cause and assist with printing images to help raise much needed funds for the  Care for Africa Foundation.

Most of us in this country take clean water for granted. Walking 6-8 hour per day to collect dirty, infected water from waterholes shared by wild animals is just unimaginable. The added risk that women and young girls could be molested and raped whilst collecting water for their family is chilling.

Dean Hohn learnt of this back in 2012, when the Care For Africa Foundation  were asking for donations of art to be auctioned off at their annual charity ball. When Dean found out about the work they were doing in 6 villages in Tanzania with no international aid, he felt he had to help.

Print 2 Metal have had the pleasure of printing for Dean since he picked up the camera again 5 years ago and began to indulge his passion for photography. He is a self-taught photographer who combines his photographs to create fine art images.

His ongoing study of Photoshop Artistry has led Dean to exhibit in multiple galleries around Tasmania and be selected twice as a finalist in the Glover Art Prize. Dean draws from nature for his inspiration and loves using colour, shapes, layers and textures when creating his images.

“I now use my art to help raise funds for the Care For Africa Foundation to assist with drilling water wells in the 6 villages they support in the Tarime District of Tanzania” says Dean.

Tickets for the next raffle of a beautiful collaborative piece by Dean and Nigel Lazenby can be purchased at the Penguin Creek Gallery in Penguin Tasmania, or by emailing Dean at The winner will be drawn on 24th October 2017.

Dean also raises funds for the Care For Africa Foundation using his images as designs on beautiful tops, scarves, sheer wraps, tote bags and pillow covers via Vida Clothing.

“Photography and Photo Artistry has become my life and it is a fantastic journey that allows me to create on a daily basis! I hope to make a difference in the world by changing the lives of people with basically nothing”.


Australia’s largest and most prestigious awards for professional print photography

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People viewing Print2metal prints at the Chromaluxe stand

The annual APPA event was held by the AIPP on the 25, 26 and 27 of August 2017. Print 2 Metal were there to display some products and be part of the event along with Chromaluxe, the suppliers of their metal.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is the country’s only photographic membership body. This event has been running annually for the past 40 years and is one of the largest in the world. It is the only professional photography awards in Australia that require physical prints to be submitted for judging.

Live judging takes place in front of the public and images are critiqued on the spot. A panel of experts anonymously assesses all category winners’ work side-by-side to determine the overall winner. Innovation, content, creativity, technical excellence and impact are the key criteria when the images are reassessed.

In 2017, more than 500 entrants submitted a collective of almost 2,000 images to be judged for APPA. An industry leading high-level of work is always part of the event, where photographic heavyweights weigh-in on the finalists images to determine who will take the crown for each category.

Judges viewing prints at Appa awards