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Aluminium – The Traditional 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift


Metal wall art

For many generations, the traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift has been aluminium or tin – a symbol that marriage can become bent, but will not break.


Wedding anniversary gifts can be difficult – after ten years of marriage, you may be running out of original ideas! And how many special gifts can one find from aluminium or tin?


Why not demonstrate to your loved one that you have cherished the past 10 years of marriage by having a photo of one of your happy memories turned into a fine piece of contemporary art? You may already have numerous photos framed in your living room and feel that this should be something special that stands out.


Print 2 Metal have a range of options to enhance your photo and turn it into the centrepiece which steals the attention of all those who enter the room. Emphasise certain elements of the photo through careful selection of our gloss, matt, white base and brushed aluminium finishes.


Add an element of style with a floating frame, European frame, art box or wood box frame – depending on your taste and the style of your home.


Contact us to discuss your options and enable you to provide your loved-one with a 10 year wedding anniversary gift that will be cherished forever!