We put a lot of effort into making the very best metal prints we can and offer the most amazing customer service. We get a lot of love in return from our clients and the media.

These are real testimonials, received via email or social media.

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Sharon Lamb light portrait brushed glossI have recently had my first Photographic Art Exhibition with 90% of the works done by Print 2 Metal.

I have my own unique spin on light painting photography. My images generally contain 70% black with a swish of torchlight over a nude form. Simplicity is the key, but due to the light painting areas, the brushed metal finish by Print 2 Metal, is unsurpassed.

It creates a 3D effect in that it looks like the image is moving as you walk past it. Wow factor squared ! Makes everything I do look even more special.

An enormous thank you goes to the staff for their brilliant work and all their extra time they give to ensure the best possible image print.

Sharon Lamb

This is my second print and I couldn't be happier. After receiving the sample prints I knew the exact finish i was after and I really cannot wait to get another, the image quality and presentation is first class, its packed beautifully and I couldn't have asked for better service and communication when dealing with my additional request, highly recommended for just about any image !

Jarrod Hawthorne
Melbourne - VIC    

We just want to thank you for our amazing print, we are soooo very happy with the way it turned out, it is now up on our wall at home and we have had non stop compliments about it. Thank you and will be referring our friend and family to you.

Natiesha Olufson
Cairns - QLD    

Honestly could not have been more pleased with the final product! I had tried other websites with disappointing results. This is by far the best website for printing, the pricing is reasonable and customer service is great and the image was shipped extremely fast! I will definitely be using this website again!!

Josh Bitar
Sydney - NSW    

Print arrived yesterday and it looks great! Thanks for your excellent personalised service, good value and a terrific result. Much admired already! 

Judy W
Sydney - NSW    

Just a word of appreciation for the excellent service and amazing quality of the prints which I received yesterday. I submitted 4 photos for processing one of which was a photo of a photo from our wedding which was taken 35 years ago. I was blown away when I unpacked the prints yesterday. Keep up the great work !

Tom Bruen
Greystanes - NSW

I received the print yesterday, it looks incredible! Thank you so much for your assistance with it, much appreciated, and a brilliant end product!

Luke Barker

Argyle Homestead by Neville WrightThe prints arrived early this morning. When I opened them in my lounge room with a good overhead light they certainly have the ‘wow’ factor. The luminosity of the colours is hard to describe except that my wife said, “That’s better than any paper print I have ever seen”. The mirror like surface is brilliant.

My framers (300k drive there and back) work mostly with artists but were astounded at the richness of colour, the luminescence and the ultra modern finish. Now they want to promote my reproduction service to their artists. I’m ecstatic!
Thank you as they are more than I expected.

Neville Wright

Print 2 Metal prints provide a great alternative for displaying images in marketing suites. The finish looks great and the client was very happy with the result.

Natalie Runko

Just letting you guys know that I have received the print and I am absolutely wrapped in the look and finish. The blacks are beautiful and the detail is superb! Customer service and communication is also excellent. It is refreshing to deal with a business that values its customers. I am looking forward to having more prints done in the future.

Brent Smith

I am stunned. It is better than I thought it would be.The floating hanger is also a very clever way of presenting the work.Sort of a 3D effect on the wall. Thank you.

Michael Roderick
Cook - ACT

I picked up the prints yesterday and delivered them to the client this evening. OMG is such an understatement - i did not see them until they were unpacked by the client. My client is extremely happy with the result - i'm extremely happy with the result.Thanks for all your help and patience.

Peter Leslie
Yarraville - Vic

I want to say a huge thank you for my Brad Chilby Photography image printed on metal...I absolutely love it, it looks amazing!! I also want to thank you for being so patient with me, i think i have it down pat now.
I have spread the love constantly and hoping a lot more people jump on board, such a great product!!!

Zoey Atkins
Geelong North - Vic

Very happy with the whole experience of dealing with Print 2 metal - easy to do, no problems along the way and it arrived in good time, well packaged. The result of printing on metal gives a very effective finish to a photo. Love it.

Eve Jorgensen
Bayview Heights - Qld

Just wanted to let you know that the print looks fantastic! everyone here is really pleased with how it looks.
I'm sure it will be well received and appreciated by my colleague for his retirement.
Thanks for your help and good service

Simon Krismer

As usual, wonderful service, and as far as I can tell the only one producing this quality in Australia. I love the personal service and flexibility. I will be back for sure.

Sally Parnis

Icebergs of New Zealand by Carl Thompson I am most impressed with Print2metal for two reasons. The product of printing a high gloss type photo onto aluminium is absolutely stunning. The detail and clarity is second to none. I did the same print on Premium Fujiflex paper which is a high end printing paper for gloss images. The Fujiflex did give a quality print but any slight mishandling developed a crease and ruined the print for high end display purposes. However the Print2metal Ultra Gloss finish was just as good if not better - and handling is just not an issue - compared to delicate printing paper it is indestructible. I have even washed it! There is also no need to frame it behind glass. It really does not matter if people touch it with their grubby hands while on display.

I also found the service quick and helpful. I just sent the digital image to Australia (I am from New Zealand) and they advised me on the most appropriate finish and had it to me with a couple of days.

Highly recommended!

Carl Thompson 
New Zealand

My print arrived today and I must say I am absolutely delighted with it.  You have done a great job and it has exceeded all my expectation in both quality of the print and the quick turn around.
Much appreciated.

Barry Dwyer

The service from Print2Metal was fantastic from start to finish. I live in Hong Kong and Print2Metal made the ordering and delivery process really easy. The prints when they arrived looked amazing, were really well-packaged and arrived in plenty of time to be a Christmas present for my husband. We will certainly use Print2Metal again in the future. Thank you!

Hong Kong

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoWow it is about time we have not only a product done here in Australia but also something so unique and different. Something i can sell that will stand out from the rest. I had my first print done for my new showroom, when i received this in the mail so promptly after my order i was BLOWN away. LOVE IT!!!

The sharpness, the colours are just amazing. The service was just as good from start to finish. I can’t wait now to start selling such a Funky product to my valued customers and I am positive they will love it just as much as me.

Tanya Friend

I received my Print2Metal pieces today and absolutely loved them. One was for a client and she picked it up 30 minutes after its arrival and was totally wrapped with it. The second one was a sample for my showroom as I am a photographer and want to push them onto my clients rather than canvas. My photography is a bit different so I like products that are a bit different and canvases are just a bit over done these days.

Debra Boots

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photo

Just picked up my print- WOW!!

Leith Brown
Melbourne - Vic

I’m excited to have found Print2metal’s products, particularly the paneling.  I finally have a solution for my clients who want a large installation that is lightweight and without compromise, a piece of art essentially.

Cherelle Martin
Mosman - NSW

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoThank you Print 2 Metal on the amazing image I received.  Your understanding and help in choosing the finished product was fantastic!  Customer service spot on and a big part of the reason I will definitely continue to use you guys.  This image gets many comments now due to the stunning quality of the Metal finish.

Lucas Piera

Just a quick one to say thanks for all you help getting these prints done so quickly.  We are all very happy with the end product, and look forward to getting a few more done! Can you please pass on our thanks to your team for all their work.

Look forward to working with you again soon.

Rory Mahony
Torquay - Vic

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoWow Wow WOW!!!!! I am totally blown away with the quality and clarity of these stunning aluminium prints. My Island colours are captured beautifully using the gloss in particular the underwater scenes where you feel as if you are actually in the water with the fish. I’ve used brushed aluminium gloss with the art box frame for my black and white prints and this brings a whole new dimension to my photography artworks. The finish of the products are second to none.

I can’t thank Print2Metal enough for their fantastic customer service, advice on which product would best suit my image and delivery. I live on a very remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so logistically it is a nightmare receiving anything in particular fine artworks undamaged. Both Frank and Marie have worked with me to alleviate many of the challenges I have had in past, going beyond what I would call normal customer service.

Best fishes – Karen

Karen Willshaw
Cocos Barefoot Photography

I wanted to be able to give a personalised and unique gift to my cousin for his wedding. I was so pleased to be able to print a photo of a family holiday location in such a stunning and interesting way; so different to anything I had seen before. I will certainly be using P2M in the future, but for myself this time!

Georgina Lucas
Melbourne - Vic

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoI was very pleased with the results of my first metal print. These prints share the advantages of canvas prints in that they are light in weight and you don’t have to worry about trying to match a frame and mattboard to either the image or the décor of a room but it’s their mirror-like finish that is the real winner, providing a more dynamic look than any canvas print could hope to achieve. It was an easy process to order and a fast one too – my completed work arrived 4 days after I ordered it.

Stuart Townsend

I received my picture today. Really really stunning and tells me not to use cheap paper printing labs from now on. The colour in the print from you guys was so much better!

Thanks so much for the fine work.

Kevin Nealon
Sydney - NSW

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoI’d always known that the print would come out looking good, but when I received it, it BLEW me away. It’s almost as if the metal print adds another dimension to the photo. It makes me look like a better photographer than what I am. Thank you so much guys and thank you for printing it surprisingly quick! I think it was ready within a week.

Thank you so much.

Con Milonas

The print arrived today and it’s fantastic! I’m really impressed with the clarity and colours and finish as well. I think I’ll definitely have to get some printed for my new house when it’s ready.

Anthony Mancuso

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoPrint2Metal have an amazing product that brings a new dimension to your prints and artwork, the metal finish appears to reflect the surrounding light and put depth into pictures that wasn't there before. The product is fantastically finished off, I have used both framed the and unframed options for my prints and both are wonderful.
The staff have been outstanding with their advice, friendliness and service. Amazing care is taken to protect your work, and the turn around was fantastic. It has been a great experience from beginning to end, easy to use image uploading, great people behind the scenes and an outstanding product they should be proud of and would recommend to anyone.

Ryan Fisher
Valley Heights - NSW

I first came across Print2metal a year ago when I went to develop some standard prints and noticed a stunning image of escalators on display. Due to the high quality finish of the Brushed aluminum, it really popped and gave me great inspiration to have one of my HDR images printed on metal.

The customer experience was great from the on-set, their web self service channels are easy to navigate and uploading my image was really quick and easy. A few clicks later, I received a call to say my file was received and work had commenced. I picked up the print a few days later and the image was gorgeous, colours popped, highlights and mid-tones shone through and although my image was not standard sized, Print2metal were extremely accommodating with a custom size.

When I brought the print home, I noticed the aluminium had some dents, which may have occurred during transit from print2metal workshops to collection point. I called to inform them of slight damage citing transit or manufacture problems and they were fantastic about it. Someone came to my house, picked up the print and replaced it for free. Absolutely fantastic customer service and quality prints. I can’t recommend them enough!

Gavin Poh
Melbourne - Vic

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoJust got my print today! It only took a few days from the day I ordered it – WOW!

It looks fantastic, better than I ever thought it could and the black art box frame is great!!

Every dealing with P2M was terrific, real customer service not just rhetoric.

Thanks a lot Frank for being so helpful and friendly over the phone. Your open honest manner made me feel confident that the image would work well with the process and choice of finish and you were so right!!

Grant Matthews
Sydney - NSW

 I just wanted to say I received my photo today all the way up here on the Sunshine Coast. You have done an amazing job (especially since my husband took this picture with his iphone) and I am so happy with it. I just know everyone will comment on it and I will be sure to send them your way. Thanks again

Amanda Homann

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoI have received the print that I ordered and am delighted to say that the quality of the finished product met all of my expectations. I would like to further add that my experience dealing with your company was a speedy, pleasant & efficient one, thanks again.!

Jaime Dormer

Your company not only met my expectations regarding the way I visualised the prints and the presentation (especially the European frame) but exceeded everything in all aspects of quality and service. Everyone says they provide great service but in reality very few business actually go to the lengths Print2Metal does. Even your packaging is sensational, nothing is left to chance.

Mickey Gubas

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoHave been absolutely stoked by the response to the photograph printed on metal at the opening yesterday. Hope there are a few more who want to buy.

Bente Andermahr

Hey Guys, Just letting you know that my print has arrived safely to Roxby Downs. Thank you very much for the quick delivery and the Quality is truly 2nd to none!

Richard Prosser
Roxby Downs

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photoPrint2Metal pieces are stunning, fresh alternatives to framed prints, my clients are describing their light weight, high gloss appeal as incredible. Thanks for your beautiful work and professional approach team!

Steve Rutherford

Just wanted to say, received the print today, sensational.  I was thrilled and I am sure my client will be too. Your product is superb, and deserves every success.  

Lyn Francis

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photo
Print2Metal is an absolutely amazing method of  displaying photographs.
It is very hard to explain just how good this product actually is!
Print2Metal delivers the finest quality and detail on its prints and they are nothing short of stunning. I am absolutely delighted to be able to offer Print2Metal to our customers and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Bradley Chilby


My son picked up my order on Saturday and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the metal prints. They reflect so well the image of my daughter and once she is receives them I am sure will think the same. Thank you again, I am sure to support your business in the future and highly recommended you to others, although your product speaks for itself.

Lyn Niedra

pictures on metal-photo on metal-photographs on metal-pictures to canvas prints-metal photo
The Print2Metal concept has been truly complimentary to my art pieces. The vibrance of the colour composition is accentuated, making my concepts alive. This is a refreshing change to the conventional framed approach and I can honestly say the art has a winning presence via this medium.

Thanks Print2Metal for assisting me in achieving an artistic edge explaining the technical aspects to conclude with the best solution. 

Adrian Scicluna

I just thought I would share with you how pleased we were with our first Print2Metal experience

Michael Houlden

When Amidata need display-work for their office, we wanted something that spoke more about the way we did things than just what we did. That's how we found Print2Metal.

We wanted to represent our company as taking the best of the old world and making it better with new technology, and Print2Metal said all that in a simple process that took our visual images, and presented it in a new and dynamic way.

Luke McNeilage

Just received my first print. LOVE it, thanks and such a fast turn around. I will be ordering more

Cherelle Martin

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