Metal Print Price Calculator
All prints are custom made and therefore available in all sizes up to the maximum 60x40" or 1524x1016mm
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     Up to 8x12" prints + floating hanger   $59.95

     Up to 11x14" prints + floating hanger  $89.95

     Up to 12x18" prints + floating hanger  $99.95


The square corner finish can be very sharp and should be handled with care. When displaying metal prints with square corners take care to hang securely if people are likely to be close or seated underneath the metal print.

Metal prints are printed on aluminum sheets that have a special coating. Due to the nature of this coating, there can be imperfections such as small bumps on the surface. We inspect all sheets for imperfections and will position the image on the metal so the imperfection is the least obvious as possible. We cannot remake prints due to these imperfections.

Print 2 Metal also offer trade pricing. Once your company has successfully registered we can offer metal prints at pricing to suit your business requirements.

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